• Space2Phone Subscription Service in the Space2Phone mobile portal. This service includes information on the latest developments related to rocket launches, access to the global schedule of rocket launches, real-time text message Launch Alerts to notify subscribers of pending launches, information about launch results, and instant information about launch delays. These Launch Alerts include links to detailed news, photos and video that can be accessed from your mobile handheld device. The Space2Phone portal also offers many of the most exciting space ringtones, wallpapers, games and video clips for mobile devices.
  • Space2Phone Downloads which include the world’s largest selection of space-related mobile entertainment. These include the latest sci-fi ringtones, the most dramatic wallpapers from NASA, other international space agencies, and the finest commercial photographers. These are all available as downloads for mobile devices and can be purchased direct from any mobile device. No subscription is necessary to purchase these downloads.
  • Space2Phone Mobile Technology Platform for webmasters and content owners. Space2Phone has made extensive investments in its’ global mobile content delivery platform. Because of this we can offer webmasters and content owners various turnkey solutions for delivering space content to the wireless devices of your customers or employees. If you offer a web store it’s easy to add Space2Phonemobile content to your offerings. We can also “mobilize” your own space content or web site. Our platform saves you time and money, and gives you immediate access to the mobile world. For more information please contact us at Inquiries@space2phone.com .
  • Space2Phone endeavors to partner with best-of-breed providers in the mobile industry.
    Space2Phone technology is powered by dynetic mobile solutions, INC . This world class solution ensures that our content is delivered in optimal form to some 2500 different types of handheld devices around the world with new devices added each month. It ensures that the Space2Phone portal and content are accessible to subscribers of mobile carriers around the world.
    Space2Phone’s delivery of premium mobile content and Launch Alerts is ensured by m-Qube, Inc. the leading aggregator of sms services in North America. m-Qube provides the mobile gateway to all major carriers covering more than 170 million subscribers.