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On July 4, 2006, Space2Phone provided near-real-time coverage of the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery for mobile subscribers. Within less than 25 minutes after the successful rocket launch, subscribers of Space2Phone received a video clip of the launch highlights created especially for viewing on mobile devices.

“The return to space of the Discovery was an exciting event for Americans, and it was made even more special by the fact that it took place on the 4th of July”, said Ran Farmer of Space2Phone. “We were especially pleased to be able to cover this launch and deliver very exciting video to our members almost as it happened”, he said.

As a demonstration of the capabilities of the Space2Phone technology, three video clips of 15 seconds, 25 seconds and 60 seconds were produced. Then the optimum video was delivered to the mobile devices of each Space2Phone subscriber within minutes after the launch.

“This type of near-real-time broadcast of rocket launch coverage is an example of the potential of the mobile device”, said Farmer. “Our members who were busy with family and friends on July 4 during the launch were very happy to get the video highlights to watch on their mobiles” he said.

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